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Competition Overview

Women's teams compete for several cups throughout the course of the season. The Valarie Fraser Womens Camanachd Cup - sponsored by Marine Harvest, is open to all registered women's teams.  Prior to the 2012 season, it was been predominately National Division 1 teams who have competed for this cup.  However, there has been a drive for Second Division teams to enter, resulting in a higher level of competition, with more teams and more fixtures. 

The Challenge Cup - sponsored by Marine Harvest, is open to all teams in the Second Divisions and Development leagues. Fixtures will run throughout the season and the final  played on the same day as the Valarie Fraser Cup Final. 

The North vs South – supported by the MacAulay Association (strips funded by Superdrug & Boost PT), is held every September in Oban. It is a hard fought representative match featuring the best players from the women's game. The winners of previous years can be found here. 

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