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In common with many other sports, shinty requires that team members have playing kit and that goals have goal nets. However, the unique equipment requirements for shinty are the caman (shinty stick) and shinty ball. The design and construction methods of a caman have evolved over many years. From a single piece of wood, often shaped from the branch of a tree, the caman developed through single piece hickory, spliced two-piece construction, up to the laminated hickory product in use today. Many young people starting out believe that a heavy head on the caman is essential to impart power into the moment of impact with the ball. However, the excellent caman is one that combines appropriate weight with balance, that elusive quality that is apparent as soon as one holds a well-made caman. Achieving that correct balance is a craft and the producers of camans are highly skilled artisans. The ball is made with a cork core wound with waxed thread and finished with a leather cover.


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